Chinese Leading Global Luxury Real Estate Market

December 17, 2014 / Maggie Mercer / 0 Comments

***UPDATED: April 2, 2015*** According to a recent article from the National Law Review, wealthy Chinese are seeking out real estate abroad in record numbers. With China’s GDP growth of 7.4% in 2014, the slowest since 1990, coupled with a… Read More

A Winter Wonderland of Real Estate

December 13, 2014 / Maggie Mercer / 0 Comments

Now that the winter months are upon us, many people think that real estate industry comes nearly to a stand-still. Individuals who have been thinking about putting their property on the market decide to wait until spring, because no one… Read More

What Luxury Real Estate Buyers Don’t Want

December 8, 2014 / Maggie Mercer / 0 Comments

Luxury real estate is making a global comeback in a big way, and it’s becoming apparent as to what big buyers are looking for in an investment property. Open floor plans, killer views, access to water, and five-star amenities are… Read More

Latin Americans and the Miami Real Estate Market

November 19, 2014 / Maggie Mercer / 0 Comments

Industry experts agree, Latin Americans can take a large portion of the credit for the rebound that Miami luxury real estate is experiencing. Related Group CEO, Jorge Perez, has been quoted as stating that Latin America literally “saved” Miami. Latin… Read More

Domestic Buyers Fuel Luxury Real Estate Growth in Miami

October 28, 2014 / Maggie Mercer / 0 Comments

The real estate market in South Florida has been booming, and foreign investors have been credited with fueling the fire. However a new trend shows a turn in the tide as some international buyers back off, leaving room for those… Read More

Considerations When Shopping for Luxury Property

October 16, 2014 / Maggie Mercer / 0 Comments

Location, location, location. It’s still probably the single most important factor when considering an investment property. But when looking to purchase a luxury property, there are several other variables that buyers should also look for. Take for example, this list… Read More

Investment Opportunities in Luxury Real Estate

September 24, 2014 / Maggie Mercer / 0 Comments

Investing in a luxury property doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to live in your new digs. Take this, 16,000-square-foot European contemporary mansion for example. While the home is currently on the market, entertainment A-listers, Beyonce and Jay-Z recently rented… Read More

Foreign Buyers Flock to Miami Real Estate

September 23, 2014 / Maggie Mercer / 0 Comments

Foreign buyers are pouring into the Miami real estate market and it’s luxury they’re after. According to a recent Wealth Daily article, the total international sales in the United States from April 2013 to March 2014 was $92.2 billion, up… Read More